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Guboncho 28Days Ampoule Special Care Program (Buy 1 Box, Get 1 Box Free)

HKD $4,410.00

Note: When placing an order, you only need to put one box into the shopping cart, and a free box will be sent with the order.


Guboncho 28Days Ampoule Special Care Program, a 28-day skin care routine, provides your skin with firmness, moisture and radiance by moisturizing and firming the inner part of the skin.

Anti-wrinkle ampoule essence contains Korean herbal fermented extracts and peptides , which can be quickly absorbed by the skin , making the skin moist and transparent , and helping to improve wrinkles and tighten loose skin . It is a whitening and anti-wrinkle that can give skin vitality and luster Restorative Essence.


Increased elasticity and moisturizing effect every day, anti-wrinkle functional oriental medicine ampoule

Contains niacinamide, a whitening functional ingredient , and 100,000ppm of collagen (1%=10,000ppm)

Elasticity + moisturizing + luster, care from the root layer by layer

Highly concentrated high-quality collagen ampoules , replenish rich moisture and nutrition for dry and rough skin


Skin energy returned by red ginseng and oriental herbal fermented extracts

Containing red ginseng, ginseng and other Korean herbal concentrate ingredients , it penetrates deep into the tired skin due to harmful oxygen (free radicals) , slowly restores skin elasticity, moisturizes and moisturizes from the root , and quickly restores skin energy.


Powerful hydration system that absorbs moisture

Contains moisturizing ingredients 50 times higher than ordinary extracts , contains plant-based active ingredients , sugar isomers, binds keratin in the stratum corneum , strengthens the skin's protective film , prevents water from evaporating and enhances skin's moisturizing power. In addition , the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid that absorbs water provides long-lasting moisturizing effect.


main ingredient:

Red Ginseng: Promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, prevent aging

Sugar Isomers: A humectant made from white granulated sugar as a raw material, it is a plant active ingredient with excellent moisturizing effect. It can be tightly combined with keratin in the stratum corneum to strengthen the skin's moisturizing power and help maintain moist skin.

Licorice: antibacterial, whitening effect

Niacinamide: Skin whitening functional ingredient

Four types of collagen: prevent skin aging and increase elasticity


four types of collagen

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 , Oligopeptide-1 , Palmitoyl Tripeptide , Tripeptide-1 Copper



After cleansing, use toner, then spread the product evenly over the face and neck like a massage, using a bottle of serum a day, preferably before going to bed. One box is a 28-day supply, and continuous use of two boxes constitutes a complete course of treatment. After completing the course of treatment, depending on the needs of the skin, it can be used again after about two years.



2ml×28 sticks x 2 boxes


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