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Guboncho Recovery Night Cream 30g

HKD $1,900.00

An all-in-one multi-purpose facial cream that includes toner, facial essence, night cream, eye essence, eye cream and facial mask. It is both convenient and effective in improving the underlying skin texture. It contains nine precious Korean herbal extracts, including deer antler, acanthopanax bark, angelica root, agarwood, cordyceps, dogwood, asparagus, Houttuynia cordata and red ginseng, which are carefully extracted. A top-notch cream that effectively improves your skin.

Guboncho night cream can effectively improve wrinkles, adjust skin texture and skin moisture, and is more effective than ordinary facial creams. Long-term use can effectively improve the problem of enlarged pores and make the skin firmer and healthier.


Nine kinds of Korean herbal ingredients add the effects of ginseng

Nine kinds of Korean herbal medicines that effectively protect the skin, including carefully selected Korean herbal skin care ingredients such as deer antler, cordyceps, dogwood, Houttuynia cordata, angelica, centella asiatica, asparagus, red ginseng, and ginseng. Helps protect the skin, injects nutrients deep into the skin , and helps the skin resist external stimulation, allowing the skin to feel the effects of ginseng all day long from morning to night.

Highly nutritious, full-effect facial cream is even easier

A full-effect cream that maximizes skin absorption through an ideal combination of toner + cream + essence + moisturizing + nutrition + whitening + wrinkle improvement and other oil and moisture balance.

Main functions of ginseng

Helps blood production and circulation , helps with antioxidants , improves wrinkles , whitens and maintains healthy skin .


main ingredient:

Nicotinamide Whitening functional ingredients, prevent pigmentation, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, elasticity
Adenosine Prevent aging
jojoba seed oil It is often added to high-end cosmetic brands. It is rich in vitamin D and protein. It has the effect of nourishing and softening the skin and is easily absorbed by the skin. Contains antioxidant ingredients; it has significant beautifying effects on the skin and restores vitality and luster to the skin.
Nine kinds of Korean medicinal ingredients Deer antler, cordyceps, dogwood, Houttuynia cordata, angelica root, centella asiatica, asparagus, ginseng and red ginseng

Nine kinds of Korean medicinal ingredients

Deer antler extract Antioxidant effect, recorded in the <<Compendium of Materia Medica>>, can maintain skin youthfulness and give skin vitality. It has excellent effects in anti-aging and maintaining skin vitality.
Cordyceps sinensis
Anti-inflammatory, it can keep skin hydrated and prevent dryness, helping to keep skin moisturized.
Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and able to provide nutrients to the skin.
Houttuynia cordata
Whitening, anti-inflammatory, Houttuynia cordata can increase the activity of skin cells, combined with its antioxidant properties, it has anti-aging and anti-aging effects.
Angelica sinensis

Helps protect skin from free radical damage and injects vitality and energy into tired skin. Promote blood circulation and provide skin nutrition .

red ginseng
It can generate new blood and promote blood circulation, which is very helpful in maintaining healthy skin. Remove toxins from the body and make rough skin bright. Contains ginseng saponin II (rb1, rb2, rb3, etc.). It can prevent cell aging, improve wrinkles and whiten.
Centella asiatica extract Centella Asiatica is a natural plant with antioxidant properties and is beneficial for dry, itchy, red and sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Has a calming effect. Can stimulate deep skin cell replacement. Centella Asiatica can tighten the connection between the epidermis and the dermis, soften the skin, help resolve skin sagging, and make the skin smooth and elastic .
asparagus extract Shrink pores , whiten , and have anti-aging effects. Cells containing asparagine can provide moisture to the skin to achieve a moisturizing effect. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.
Ginseng Extract Helps resist oxidation, reduce fine lines, and enhance immunity. Ginseng can promote collagen and help delay the appearance of wrinkles. Ginseng also promotes skin regeneration, and its healing properties speed up skin healing.



    1. Extract an appropriate amount of essence onto the face.
    2. Apply evenly around the eyes or areas prone to wrinkles.
    3. After applying evenly, massage the face for better absorption.




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